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Sunday, May 9, 2010



I've always loved guinea-fowls, but could never get near enough to take clear photos. So when I heard that I could have my own birds, i was so excited. Being wild birds, guinea-fowls will fly where ever they want to and won't be stopped. They will only stay if they WANT to. So when mine arrived, I had to put them in a cage for about 4 weeks. Each morning I spoke to them so they could get used to our voices and we went inside the cage, giving them food. After 4 weeks, it was time to open the gate door and hope for the best. I nearly had a heart attack when i came home from work and couldn't see them. But before dawn they were walking outside the cage. They decided to stay!!! Jippee!!! These days they are walking with the dogs and sheep and not one mind the other. No i can photograph them as much as i like :-)
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The layout fits Lexi's "animal" challenge as well.


  1. Dan is jy nog gelukkig om wittes ook te hê!! Pragtig!

  2. Ohhh i bet you were sooo pleased they stayed :D What an achievement...this is fabulous! I love how you made the tiny pics look like a little negetives strip down the side. Thanks for playing at Lexi's Creations

    Hugs Lexi xxx